La Clinique Dentaire de la Rive, Dr Thierry Tiberghien


Pauline Goëthals

Dr Pauline Goëthals, Dental surgeon specializing in PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY, provides comprehensive care for our young patients aged 3 to 12 years.

Dr Pauline Goëthals favors a personalized approach in order to allow the realization of quality care in good conditions.

She is trained in the use of MEOPA (Equimolar Mixture of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide).

Pedodontic consultations from June 1, 2021.
Make an appointment on 04 85 47 86 45.

The Clinique Dentaire de la Rive provides the following services:

In order to ensure that a dental implant will last and is attached effectively, a patient needs to have sufficient bone volume. If there is not enough bone in the areas where teeth are missing, a bone graft can be performed to build up the area surgically.
In the upper jaw, the sinus is often lifted at the expense of the alveolar ridge.  For this reason, we sometimes need to increase the bone volume by performing a Sinus Lift, in order to position the implants as best we can.

Clinique Dentaire de la Rive provides an excellent environment and an operating room with all the necessary conditions for practicing implant surgery.

We use Ankylos® dental implants, which are manufactured in Germany.

The periodontium is the tissue that supports the teeth. To keep your teeth healthy, you need to make sure the surface of this tissue (the gums) and the deep periodontium (alveolar bone) stay healthy.
Signs of gum disease include: bleeding gums (gingivitis), receding gums, gum abscesses and tooth mobility (periodontitis).
Tartar and dental plaque are the main causes of periodontitis.
Clinique Dentaire de la Rive can offer specially-adapted laser dentistry to treat receding gums and stabilise the condition.

Clinique Dentaire de la Rive offers five-star care, including treatments for tooth decay and root canal treatments (endodontics).

Fitting of ceramic veneers and inlays.

  • Individual cement-retained or screw-retained crowns
  • Full or partial overdentures, cemented or stabilized on Locator®
  • All-on-4/All-on-6: replacing all the teeth with one fixed prosthesis using 4 or 6 implants

Clinique Dentaire de la Rive uses a digital camera to take impressions, guaranteeing unrivalled precision that cannot be achieved using conventional impression materials.

Clinique Dentaire de la Rive carries out 2D panoramic X-rays that allow us to diagnose dental conditions with ease and accuracy.
Looking at a panoramic X-ray with comments from a dental practitioner gives patients a chance to have a comprehensive view of their mouth.
A 3D X-ray (scan) is essential in implantology, as it allows us to assess the shape and volume of the patient’s bone with precision.

Overall care and treatment of our younger patients, aged 3 to 12. Dr Goëthals has a personal approach which helps us to provide our first-class treatments under the best possible conditions.

Standard dental care and prostheses are only covered for patients of Clinique Dentaire de la Rive.

For patients referred by their own dentist, only pre-implant surgery and implant fitting is covered.