La Clinique Dentaire de la Rive, Dr Thierry Tiberghien


Dr Thierry Tiberghien will welcome you into the clinic’s comforting, contemporary environment. Our facilities meet all the latest hygiene and aseptic standards, as well as those to protect our patients, staff and the environment.

In order to provide you with the highest quality of care in strict compliance with these sanitary standards, Clinique Dentaire de la Rive is equipped with cutting-edge dental technology:


  • Two units for four-handed dentistry
  • An operating room specially equipped for practicing implant surgery and pre-implant surgery (bone grafts, Sinus Lifts, difficult removals, etc.)
  • A radiology/imaging unit:

    Clinique Dentaire de la Rive Amphion 3 scaled 1

  • Our separate sterilization zone ensures ABSOLUTE SAFETY. This zone includes:
    • Ultrasonic cleaning tank for sterilizing instruments
    • MIELE thermal washer-disinfector
    • MELAG sterile packaging unit for instruments
    • EURONDA autoclave
    • DAC Universal autoclave for rotating instruments

Our entire sterilization system is controlled by the STERICODE clinical traceability soft.


Fresh air and a clean environment

  • AeraMax air purifier
  • Deeplight hospital disinfection robot to sterilize surfaces and kill all germs. 5 minutes is all it takes for a DEEPLIGHT robot to kill microbes and bacteria in an enclosed space using its UV-C ultraviolet light.

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